Slope Soaring Countisbury Common

Andrew, Michael and Rob visited Countisbury Common today for some slope soaring. Once again super conditions with a Westerly of about 10 – 12 mph and partly cloudy. Again what a superb site for soaring.


Mike getting ready and Andrew enjoying a cuppa.


Andrew launching.


Rob flying close in with the LS1.



Michael’s little Filip 400 (aka Lucky Lady) on a close in fly-by.

A short video clip of some of the action;

Thanks for the company and another great day at beautiful location. Heaven!


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6 Responses to Slope Soaring Countisbury Common

  1. Michael Robinson says:

    It was good to be able to answer a few questions from passers by, too. Every little opportunity to promote our hobby must be taken. Well done Rob for the ‘flying demo’!

  2. Michael Robinson says:

    My first plane is actually a Filip 400. I just labelled it ‘Lady Luck’ because, despite at least 3 complete refurbishments after ground interfaces, she still flies!

  3. Andrew says:

    This is surely one of the best, if not the best slope soaring site that I have flown at in 30 years of sloping! It was a superb day out, gentle 10mph/12mph winds, some passing sunshine, good company, and some passing Pergrines too! Thanks Rob for the photos and video.

  4. Peter Broughton says:

    looks a nice location and you all had a good time, what’s it like for pure soaring?

  5. admin says:

    Lift is like an elevator. Absolutely clean air straight off the sea. Although some of the models had motors none were used. For your kind of flying it would up and disappeared in an instant never to be seen again :)
    What will interest you was that there was a pair of Peregrine falcons with a youngster on the slope below. As soon as Andrew put his model in the air one of them was there to investigate. No aggression at all. It just glided with the model for a while then lost interest and paid no attention to the others at all. So I assume it realised that they were no real threat.

  6. Nigel says:

    What a great site – thanks for the photos and vid. Must get a pure sloper together!


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