Little Stik work shop RBL Jan 17th

Several members attended Rob’s workshop on construction of the depron Little Stik at the RBL social; club on Jan 17th 2016.



Members lined up ready for instruction!

Little Stik is the first club mass build, it is a well known model for which Rob has modified the build, both to strengthen and to reduce weight!DSCN7632


Rob, at early stage of fuselage assembly

The workshop lasted the entire afternoon, including assembly of the cruciform strengthened fuselage, folding and gluing of the 3mm depron wing (pre covered with parcel tape – there are lots of YouTube videos showing depron wing construction techniques, click here for just a sample). Members plan to hold flying competitions with the Little Stiks when the weather finally abates!

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One Response to Little Stik work shop RBL Jan 17th

  1. admin says:

    Some results are in. Simon has been busy and showed me his version earlier this week. Very nice neat build, indeed. I am looking forward to seeing the colour schemes being employed.
    Richard M suggested that we registered our “colours” like jockeys do, so that our models are easy to identify in the air. Could be great fun controlling someone else’s model only to find it does not seem to be responding to input :)


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