Club Fun Fly – Bridge Field May 15th 2016

Club Fun Fly – Bridge Field May 15th 2016

This was a wonderful club meet! The weather was kind, ten members and children came along and enjoyed a super afternoon of  varied flying.

Mike did a great job buddying the children with “Mini Mags” spending lots of valuable instruction time with them.

The “Pylon Racing” managed one round with several involuntary early landings!

Rob , continues to do a great job as chairman, and preparing the new strip – a rota will be set up shortly to assist with the mowing.

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3 Responses to Club Fun Fly – Bridge Field May 15th 2016

  1. admin says:

    Indeed a really lovely day. Great to see the youngsters making such rapid progress. Very grateful to Mike for taking the time to tutor them.

    Lets hope we continue to have such great days for our monthly fun fly events.

    I ordered a floating trophy for the Pylon racing event which should have arrived Friday and didn’t. Its up for grabs next month. So get practising! :) or at least try and stay in the air to the end of the event :(

  2. Michael Robinson says:

    A trophy? Now then, there’s motivation….. As Napoleon once said, “Men will fly long and hard for a piece of brightly coloured ribbon.” …or something like that.

    I’ll be ordering some spares, then!

  3. Nigel says:

    It’s nice to see the club progressing so well and the weather gods were on our side.
    I hope next Months one will be as good.

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