Bigger Stik Build

As most of you know Andrew and I are in the process of building a Bigger Stik 2m wing spanĀ  for the purpose of aerotow. Some progress pictures.

2017-10-23 14.47.16-1a

Fuse in progress.



Wing cores cut and being readied for sheeting.



Mating wing to fuse and siting wing bolts.


Some more progress; U/C now fitted and final fitting of the wing before they are sprayed.

tug 140318

Model now covered/sprayed and being balanced. Andrew and I are both really chuffed with the result. Had the engine running and happy with the performance so we are nearly ready for a test flight.

14th May 2018

After a long wait for the right conditions the day finally arrived. Took a picture before the test flight in case it didn’t come back in the same condition. It did and we learned a lot about mods that need to be made.

tug maiden




And a short video of take off.


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