Bow 2nd March 2013

The Bow site is remarkably dry, I was able to drive to the site without any problems. I would say it’s now drier than the summer! The grass is short and the strip is only just┬ádiscernible. The conditions today were excellent. The wind was about 7MPH ENE with an air temperature of 4C.

I managed 3 flights and the wings remained attached throughout.

Nigel 8)

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  1. David Sanford says:

    Hi Nigel,went down to Bow myself around 3.30 Sunday afternoon. Hoped to have seen you there but reckon you must have already left. I agree the site is remarkably dry due I think to the very sandy soil-very different to our sticky Tedburn clay! What do you think of the surface? I thought it good but a bit bumpy. Could it be improved by rolling and is that something we could do/get done? I didn’t stay long myself-bit on the parky side for me. My Wot4 also remained intact with nothing dropping off but that’s more than I could have said for my fingers had I held the Tx much longer! Roll on some warmer weather!

    David Sanford.

    • Nigel says:

      Hi Dave, thanks for leaving a comment. I must have just missed you on Sunday.
      It would be a good idea to roll the strip as it is a little bumpy.
      We will have to bring it up at tonites meeting,

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