Slopehunter guide to slope soaring sites

This is a useful site. Cox Tor near Tavistcok looks interesting

Slopehunter guide to slope soaring sites.

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  1. admin says:

    I was up there recently. Cox Tor is to the North of the first parking area on Dartmoor from the Tavistock side. It is a good old slog up to the top from here. Since there was little wind I decided that the trek was not worth the effort.
    I was also up on Blackdown hill above the army camp with David and Andrew. Unfortunately Andrew had just crashed his glider and broken the tail off and David suffered a receiver failure. David sorted out the trim on my Fusion and I spent 3 hours having a great time with the Fusion. Most of the time I was barely able to see anything with tears streaming down my face. I have now invested in some goggles which are great.
    Through slopehunter I visited Butser Hill near Waterlooville, Portsmouth, whilst visiting my in-laws. Two hours up there on the NE slope with 2 locals with wings was a great experience. Achieved two 25 minute flights in great lift. If anyone gets the chance this is a great site and easily accessible off the A3.


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