Gliders at Hatherleigh Mayday Weekend



Andrew (taking the picture)and left to right, Peter, Dave, Justin and Rob enjoyed a great afternoon. Lift was very high and most were scratching around. Only Justin managed to catch a thermal and enjoyed a lift to 890 feet according to his on-board altimeter. However the weather was perfect, company excellent, so all in all a very good afternoon.

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  1. Justin Whittaker says:

    Had a really enjoyable afternoon with you all.

    First time I had been to the Hatherleigh site, and my first thermal.

    I attach a graph showing altitude (against battery voltage to show when power was used) for my last flight.

    click here to view graph

    The thermal is on the last climb – typical – I was overdue to leave, so had to bring her down! Great fun though.

    The graph was taken using data logged to SD card on Spektrum DX9, with onboard TM1000 telemetry transmitter with altimeter.

    Graph was plotted using free software – see for details.

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