Long Marston Model Air Show Report

Long Marston Model Air Show 2015

Long Marston Model Air Show 2015

Long Marston Model Air Show 2015

Long Marston Model Air Show 2015

Long Marston Model Air Show 2015

Long Marston Model Air Show 2015

This is a quick report on the Long Marston model show I recently attended with my long suffering wife Sheila. Driving up towing our trusty Caravan took ages due to the end of school half term traffic on the M5. We eventually found the airfield and were told to ‘park anywhere’. I hate that! All that space, where to go? It looks like an old WW2 air base, the old control tower sitting to the end of the runway – were we decided to park up.

Friday evening there were the air show participants warming up with practice flights. The blustery wind persisted for the whole weekend but it did not put any of the flyers off. Saturday was the best weather day and being there for the whole weekend meant we saw the best of the weather. There were some great models and fantastic flying skills on show.  I was most impressed with the jets, the top end of our diverse hobby, superb.

Strolling around the show ground Saturday evening there were various campers flying various RC models. It was a bit of an unofficial free for all. One group of lads were flying the ELF DLG gliders. These were fantastic!

At 10PM there was a light show. A couple of large 3D models, fully illuminated with LED’s flew through a splendid firework display. Also they had fireworks attached to the models wings, these were ignited in time to the music. Very impressive, sadly one of the models spiralled into the ground at the end of the display – I don’t know if this was firework damage or just mech failure. It made me feel sick – this model was superb and had been giving demo flights through the day.

Sundays weather was forecast to be pants and the show was reduced but there were still some brave flyers. We moved off to our next camp site in the Cotswolds around lunch time.

The trade stands were good and if you are ever working on a large project and need lots of bits one of these shows is the place to go. Balsa Cabin, DB Sport and Scale, Traplet, various shops and Horizon Hobby had a superb selection  of models being demonstrated.


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  1. admin says:

    Great report Nigel and lovely photos. The model of the Hunter brings many memories of N0. 1 Sqdn Royal Rhodesian Air Force which flew the Hunter FGA 9 through to 1980 in ground support operations during the Bush War.



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